Claim Your Haven

Your space. Your story. Isn't it time to claim your haven?

Are you...

  • stepping in your door after a long day and noticing that your home's vibe is not giving you the warm fuzzies?
  • craving a place to call your own but you're frustrated and overwhelmed about getting started, decluttering, and finding the time, space, and energy to create it?
  • ready to let go of things you no longer need (including the shedded dog hair?)

Making decisions on creating a space that you love can be an overwhelming task. We are flooded from every direction with "Inspiration!", "Sale!", "Hottest Trends!" (and don't get me started on targeted ads that hit you as soon as you mention new curtains.)

But what if...

you were confident enough to clearly understand the difference between their perfect home and yours?

With "Claim Your Haven", you'll do just that.


What's included with "Claim Your Haven"?

1. Our signature "Claim Your Haven" process to walk you through each step of your success journey.

2. Guest appearances by field professionals in interior design, planning and prioritizing, and decluttering. (Look at that counter!)

3. Our members-only online community for additional support and inspiration.

You will master creating a space that brings calm, privacy, focus, and sparks your creativity. You'll feel rejuvenated after spending time there and you'll be ready to share that energy with the world.


Your Guide

Carina Thornton
Carina Thornton

Carina in a nutshell: New Yorker in NoVA, geek, homebody, rescue cat mom, Netflix binger, simultaneously in love with all things Disney and Dracula, on a never-ending quest to control frizz and anxiety.

Of all the things I am, it was anxiety that led me to Hounds and Hearth. I'm here to help dog moms slow their hustle by creating tranquil havens in their home so they can balance living loudly with resting beautifully.

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